Journey to the Sundered Lands

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David fortin 1
David fortin 2
The Waterfall Pools
David fortin 3
The High Tower
David fortin the cursed sword davidfortin wk7
The Cursed Sword
David fortin 4
The Flatts
David fortin night by the fire davidfortin wk7
Night by the Fire
David fortin 5
The Spiralled Path
David fortin 6
Entrance to the Crypt
David fortin the relic davidfortin wk8
The Relic
David fortin design map davidfortin wk2
David fortin sketches entete
David fortin form language catacombs davidfortin wk3
David fortin form language hightowers davidfortin wk3
David fortin form language spires davidfortin wk3
David fortin colorsketches davidfortin wk5
David fortin lightingscenarios davidfortin wk6
David fortin thanks

Journey to the Sundered Lands is a little project I have developed throughout the last two months during my Environment Design class with the excellent Kalen Chock. I wanted to create a cohesive story within a single world while challenging myself with different environment types, lighting scenarios, etc. It includes a few finished paintings, B&W thumbnails, a map as well as smaller studies and shape explorations.

The journey is in chronological order (from top to bottom) so make sure to go all the way down if you want to see the end of the story! Enjoy :)