Architecture Design Projects

David fortin gatedesign davidfortin wk1
The Gate of Gods
David fortin form page davidfortin wk1
David fortin silhouettes davidfortin wk1
David fortin civic building design davidfortin wk2
Forum of Below
David fortin exploration sketches i davidfortin wk2
David fortin exploration sketches ii davidfortin wk2
David fortin asian building design davidfortin wk3
The Fortress of Tsuyagura
David fortin exploration sketches davidfortin wk3
David fortin medieval buildings render davidfortin wk4
Medieval building level up system
David fortin medieval buildings sketches davidfortin wk4
David fortin the lidless watcher
The Lidless Watcher - Palace Interior
David fortin palace interior design davidfortin wk5
David fortin composition thumbnails davidfortin wk5
David fortin dark arts underground marketplace df addons
The Ashes - Underground Dark Arts Marketplace
David fortin callout sheet davidfortin wk6
David fortin exploration sketches davidfortin wk6
David fortin train station davidfortin add ons
The Cluster - Train Station
David fortin exploration sketches davidfortin wk7
David fortin distric 71 dafortin 2017
David fortin exploration sketches davidfortin wk8

This project is a compilation of concept work I have done in the past two months to practice Architecture Design during a class with Tyler Edlin. Every week is a design for a different architectural style and time period. All of these have been designed with a game-making mindset.